Modem upgrade program – Q3 2018 – Jan 1, 2020

On June 30, 2018 Verizon discontinued the activation process on 3G/1x modems. Effective 12/31/19 Verizon will take the next step and no longer offer 3G/1x service. What this means for our customers is that all 3G/1x only modems currently running Verizon will require a change to another carrier or upgrade the Verizon modem to one supporting 4G/LTE. These changes do not affect current customers running U.S. Cellular, AT&T, or Vaeiro. For those not looking to upgrade to another modem the Beacon V3.0 could be a good option with a slightly lower price point.

DigiFarm has addressed this 3G/1x Verizon sunset by introducing 2 new modems to the market. The BR-1 Mini is a Wi-Fi only modem that will work with displays such as AgLeader, Trimble, and Outback. The RV50 modem is a direct replacement for the Gateway or Digi WR21 modem using a serial port connection for streaming data to the GPS receiver. It shares the same connectors and cables with the Gateway.

Modem upgrade program is for the RV50 only and not the BR1 Mini. Modem upgrades will ship with a new DigiFarm data plan. If the customer does not currently have a data plan through DigiFarm, they will need to purchase one when purchasing their 4G modem. Customers with existing 3G data plans through DigiFarm that upgrade to a 4G modem will see no changes to their billing cycle.

Online Store: Modem Upgrade Kits

Qualifying Modems for Trade

Returning Your Qualifying Modem
Trading in your qualifying 3G modem is easy. Provided with your order, will be a prepaid USPS envelope and packaging instructions. Simply follow the packaging instructions and then place it in your mailbox. If you choose to not use the provided prepaid USPS envelope, please return qualifying modem and all paper work to:

DigiFarm Modem Trade-In
510 N. Main Ave
Ladd, IL 61329

**Failure to return the modem will result in billing your account for the difference in price**

Power Supply Notes
There was a production change in our modems power pigtails near the end of 2016 where a 3rd wire, a power signal wire, was added to the DigiFarm modem cables. All cables with the change should say REV2 on the cables and could also be identified by a thicker jacketed power cable vs. the old style that was a very slim 2 wire cable. See image below.

Part# MD3050 is the new adapter for Digi to RV50
Part# MD3051new adapter for Rev.1 modem to RV50

Reminder: A DigiFarm Beacon V3.0 is a very good alternative solution to upgrading to a
modem. The Beacon V3.0 requires a tablet with a data plan but would eliminate the DigiFarm supplied data plan.