Successful EMEA Sales Meeting in Valencia, Spain

The Ag Leader distributors in the EMEA region met at the 2016 sales meeting, which was held in early December in Valencia, Spain. The meeting counted 41 attendees, from Norway to South Africa and from Ireland to Russia.

The sentiment over all was very positive in all territories and the solid quality from Ag Leader products appreciated.

From Ag Leader headquarters we welcomed Jeff Bentley, Joe Holoubek, Kaleb Lindquist and Jenna Royer. Their support was very much appreciated, especially as specialist information could be offered.
Special attention was paid to AgFiniti®, as there had been numerous exciting updates since our last meeting. Also, Hans Stiekema presented the SoilMax™ tile plow.

The most interesting topics from Ag Leader were pointed and completed with sales arguments and sales strategies.
Jeff Bentley explained the good results from Ag Leader internationally and specified the very good figures of the EMEA region.

Two distributors had a very interesting presentation, each with their specialist subject.
Alexander Sorokin, our successful distributor in Russia, explained his marketing strategies in a very promising market. He presented his own added products to the Ag Leader portfolio, such as fleet management and tractor monitoring. His presentation was very entertaining.

Mac Nel is Ag Leader’s distributor in South Africa, expert in SMS™, and sold and installed the very first production SureDrive™ system coming out of the factory. It is always planting season somewhere on the globe and that happened to be South Africa in this case with the SureDrives. Mac reported about the easy install and great functionality of the SureDrives. That’s the best training there is: info from the field.

Some distributors stated that this meeting was the best ever.
The sales meeting is very much focused on sales, with commercial and marketing info. The last morning, however, a hands-on technical training was added, as many Ag Leader salesmen are involved in product support as well.
The Ag Leader EMEA service and support team organized workshops, such that attendees could experience for example DisplayCast™ and SureDrive operation in real time. Not a PowerPoint, but hands-on with Ag Leader products.

Hans Stiekema
January 2017