Today’s high-tech seed isn’t cheap. If you’re not controlling where and how much of each type of seed you plant, you’re probably sacrificing yield potential and bottom line performance. SeedCommand helps you manage all of your planting operations, including seed population, planter performance, hybrid/variety mapping, split planting and variable rates.

Bottom line: Lower seed cost during planting season and improved yield potential at harvest time.



SeedCommand™ AutoSwath™
AutoSwath™ controls planter clutches to automatically turn planter sections on/off based on field maps and already planted areas. Reduce overplanting and increase yield potential at the same time. Depending on field size and shape, customer’s seed cost savings range from 3 – 12 percent. AutoSwath™ supports/controls most leading planter clutches, including SureStop™, TruCount, and John Deere RowCommand™ clutches.

Variable Rate Planting


Variable Rate Planting
Control seed costs and improve yield potential across the entire field with variable rate planting. SeedCommand varies the seeding rate based on prescription maps to match seeding rates to soil potential. SeedCommand supports direct control of PWM and motorized servo hydraulic valves found on Case IH, John Deere, KINZE and White planters, as well as the Rawson ACCU-RATE® hydraulic drive.

Planter Monitoring


The system offers complete planter monitoring functions to replace existing planter monitors. SeedCommand will monitor and log average population and seed spacing. A color bar graph and population display provide this information in real time. Planter monitoring functionality is available for all major planter brands including KINZE, John Deere, White and Case IH.

Hybrid/Variety Mapping


Hybrid Mapping
SeedCommand records planting operations in real time, mapping the location of each hybrid/variety planted. Map and plan application events and view yield maps at harvest time for more accurate field observations.

Split Planting


Split Planting
By programming the display for split planting, SeedCommand lets the operator record different hybrids/varieties in different sides of the planter. SeedCommand will track where each seed type is planted making it easy to compare and log side-by-side performance of each seed type at harvest time.

Row-By-Row Planter Control


New seed technologies are making every seed that goes into the ground more expensive. Over hundreds or thousands of acres, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best performance from every seed. Seed that doesn’t mature because of poor placement or overpopulation can take dollars straight from your bottom line. What is the solution? Row-by-row shutoff devices from Ag Leader.

Air Seeder Support


SeedCommand Air Seeder Support
Ag Leader now offers support for ground drive air seeder carts with linear actuator control (available February 2011). Calibration enhancements, meter prime feature and support for meter circuit clutches provide the benefits of SeedCommand to broad-acre seeding: Autoswath, logging and mapping, variable rate seeding/fertilizer application and more.
Choose between PWM, hydraulic servo and ground drive linear actuator controls.
Control one channel of seed and two additional channels of granular fertilizer.
Supports main and individual meter circuit clutches.
Supports bin-level and fan speed sensors.
Monitors fan speed with user-defined high/low limits.
Automatic meter shut off option if fan speed falls below a minimum setting.

Advanced Seed Monitoring


Advanced Seed Monitoring through the SeedCommand™ system helps growers eliminate yield robbing planter problems by monitoring key factors, such as seed meter singulation, skips/doubles, spacing quality and population and spacing information. The INTEGRA™ display’s 12.1″ screen serves as a comprehensive performance and control interface for all planting operations.
Automatically determines and displays the rows operating at the highest and lowest levels for singulation and population.
Virtual Seed Trench for a seed-by-seed view to assist in diagnosing problematic rows.
Seed meter and placement details incorporated with SeedCommand’s row shutoff and planter-drive modules on one screen.