Hydraulic Down Force System


Hydraulic Down Force System

Controlling a planter’s down force is a proven way to provide consistent emergence, counter field compaction and promote healthy root development across the field. Ag Leader’s Hydraulic Down Force System drastically improves on air bag and spring down force systems, providing instant varied response and adjustment according to changing soil and field conditions.

Easy to Use Down Force Control

Simply tell it to control your preferences and go. No constant worry about having the correct margins.

Row-by-Row Sensing

Monitor the down pressure needs of each row to allow for consistent planting depths across various topography and soil conditions.

Stress-minimizing Accumulator

Acts as a cushion to minimize row unit stress and bounce caused by in-field obstacles like rocks.

View Down Force Maps On the Go

View gauge wheel load and down force applied maps on your InCommand™ display, or with AgFiniti®

Works with Any UT Capable Display

ISOBUS module lets you choose 1-4 sensors per channel and provides functionality with any Universal Terminal capable display.

Uplift Springs

Growers with large seed hoppers and/or clayey soils can take advantage of free energy uplift springs to ensure there isn’t too much weight on the gauge wheels in these scenarios. No bulky hoses or wasted hydraulics required.