Versa Display


The Versa display has an 8.4 inch touchscreen that is ideal for a grower looking for a single display that can handle the most common planting, application, and harvest operations. This display has flexibility and Integra display technology which makes for a smart investment or an economical second display. The Versa can manage both field data collection and implement control duties, no matter what brand of equipment you own.

Multiple Product Control

The Versa can control the application of three different products-liquid or granular-at the same time, eliminating unnecessary field time, soil compaction, fuel consumption and equipment wear.


The Versa display, with its integrated on-screen guidance lightbar, supports multiple guidance patterns and displays the field ahead with multiple views. The Versa combined with ParDyme® or GeoSteer automated steering, or OnTrac2+™ assisted steering, gives you have a high-end guidance/steering system.

Field Markers

The Versa display marks field borders, sub-boundaries, in-field obstacles, waterways or tile lines in real-time from the cab. The Versa display will record your marks so you can review your information along with the field data gathered from all your field operations.