AgFinit® is a cloud-based platform that lets you store, access and share your field data in real time. Data from the field becomes information that can be accessed instantly from anywhere using a computer, smartphone, tablet, or your AgLeader display. It allows you to monitor field activities from anywhere, connect all of your technologies, trusted advisors and operations.


  • Simply plug the Ag Leader USB Wi-Fi adapter into your Ag Leader Integra or Versa display to connect.
  • Choose the wireless carrier of your choice and select Wi-Fi hotspot. No long-term contracts or proprietary modems required.
  • Transfer data at speeds up to 4G (based on availability from wireless provider).


  • Access your data anywhere-in the field, at the office, from your tablet or even your smartphone.
  • Upload/download prescriptions, logged data, variety reference maps, as-applied maps, guidance lines, boundaries, tiling data, topo maps, products, field names and much more.
  • Upload any data layers from SMS (yield data, soil survey maps, field boundaries, etc.) for viewing on any device with a supported web browser.


  • Receive files from Ag Leader Integra and Versa displays.
  • Store all your field data in one place with plenty of data storage.
  • Manage your data online with an easy-to-use AgFiniti account in any supported web browser.
  • AgFiniti will interface seamlessly with SMS™ Software (not required).


  • Collaborate with trusted advisors such as dealers, co-ops and farm managers.
  • Upload/download prescriptions and other files from advisors conveniently.
  • Email links of your files to anyone that you choose for easy downloading.
  • Reduce downtime in the field through new remote display viewing capability allowing for quick access to dealer support and troubleshooting.


  • Your data belongs to you.
  • Decide with whom to share your data.
  • Rest assured, your data is backed up and securely housed.