Park Farms Computer Systems is now a Steinbauer Dealer

Park Farms Computer Systems is proud to announce the addition of Steinbauer Performance to our list of high quality products offered to our customer’s. Steinbauer has over 15 years experience in research, development and production of superior diesel performance products, with satisfied customers in over 30 countries. A Steinbauer module can increase your tractor or truck’s power and torque by up to 25%. The desired performance enhancement is achieved by changing the injection duration, not by changing the way the system was originally designed to operate. This allows precise fuel control throughout the full rpm range of the engine. Injection duration is achieved by adding pulse width to a signal, (i.e. at end of injection). This does not change the timing–that’s best left to the factory ECU. The Steinbauer module also does not interfere with common rail pressure-making the Steinbauer module the best choice for your engine.