Graham Electric Planter Drive

Graham Drive

  • Graham’s Electric Drive Planter (EPD) kit is available for any make /year of planter.
  • The EPD kit contains: one control board, a weatherproof harness using Deutsch housing and connectors, and four electric motors. Each motor is rated for 5000 hours of operation.
  • Easily installs and interfaces with Ag Leader, John Deere, Trimble and Precision Planting.
  • If you don’t have a variable rate system, no problem! The Electric Planter Drive will still work!
  • The control algorithm is completely closed-loop, meaning extremely accuracy and instant adjustments to the population rate changes. The error rate is 7 tenths of 1 percent (0.7%).
  • The EPD interfaces with row/section shutoffs on your guidance system. This eliminates the cumbersome and maintenance-intensive hydraulic drive system. when you use EPD you will have individual row shutoffs.
  • Most single row planters will not require any chains or sprockets, so No-Till farmers wont waste time re-installing chains while planting.
  • The EPD system is more accurate than a hydraulic drive. It is also less expensive to convert a ground drive to the EPD system than to install a hydraulic drive and row clutches.
  • Seed corn growers will appreciate the EPD system can do variable rate and each row’s population can be set to be a percentage of the main population.
  • The EPD system is available for single and twin row planters. Depending on the row count of your planter and your tractors alternator, you may need a hydraulically-driven alternator on the planter.