Did you know? Use Precision Ag Data for Crop Insurance Reporting

Looking for a more efficient method for crop insurance reporting this year? Maybe you’re looking for more ways to utilize your precision grain harvest data? Well, have you ever thought about using your precision ag data for crop insurance purposes?

Why not? It contains all the important details required for reporting such as planting dates, crops, acres covered and more!

Simply import your data into SMS Software, even from multiple brands of precision equipment and then send the planting information to your crop insurance provider.

Many insurance providers can import this data directly into their reporting system**, often times leading to more streamlined process with pre-populated insurance reports. In addition, reports from SMS can be generated to assist in acreage reporting that include important insurance details such as acres, dates and crops planted.

See the Export Acreage Data to Insurance tutorial video for more information on this process. See the Printing Reports & Summary Information tutorial video for more information on this process. For more information on the SMS Software please visit agleader.com or contact Ag Leader at 515-735-7000.

**Contact your insurance provider for specific details and requirements